The Uchiha Itachi fanlisting was launched on February 27, 2021 ♥

It is entitled Mirage, which is a fitting title for the shinobi who was a master of creating illusions in both life and art ♪ He was a mysterious and calculating man who never appeared to be what he seemed. He also mastered the dangerous art of genjutsu, and it was game over for anyone caught in his world.

Version 1 Twilight features a melancholic yet hopeful design using a blend of images from various stages of Itachi's life. It was inspired from the Naruto Shinden novels, Itachi's Story: Daylight & Midnight, which revealed why he chose the path that he took. I thought it was fitting to compare his life with light and darkness, but I think he's more like the twilight - he was the light in the shadows that kept the world from going completely dark ♥


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